About Us

About Us:

The Juneau Montessori School has been enriching the lives of Juneau families since 1985. We are a private, tuition based non-profit school with a Board of Directors. Our school offers toddler to kindergarten programs serving children ages 15 months to 7 years of age. We employ the philosophy and teaching methods developed by Dr. Maria Montessori (1870-1952). JMS is a recognized school of the Association Montessori Internationale and an Alaska State Licensed childcare facility.


To spark a lifelong interest in learning by providing a safe, developmentally appropriate and culturally enriching environment that fosters all aspects of the child’s personality; supporting the social-emotional and academic development of each child in our care through the implementation of the AMI Montessori Method within Juneau’s unique natural setting.


To positively shape the future by cultivating the next generation of inquisitive, independent, socially responsible young citizens regardless of race, religion, or socio-economic level.


At the Juneau Montessori School we value:

  • The implementation of authentic Montessori programs
  • Quality child-centered programs
  • Safe, peaceful environments for children
  • The development of independence, self-discipline, self-direction, and compassion as well as trust, and respect for self and others
  • Appreciation of our staff and the work they do
  • Competitive salaries for our staff as well as a supportive work environment including trust, respect and open communication
  • Ongoing opportunities for staff development
  • An effective professional board that is committed to the mission, vision and goals of the organization
  • Good communication within the organization (parents, staff, board)
  • Parental participation and feedback about the functioning of the school
  • Committed parents
  • Cultural, linguistic and economic diversity
  • Financial sustainability for our program


  • To work together in partnership to develop, maintain, and nurture a strong and vital community of parents, staff and children.
  • To support the school community by increasing opportunities for parent education, parent participation, and to increase communication among parents, staff and board.
  • To develop and strengthen the school’s relationship with the larger community of Juneau by creating opportunities to provide information about Montessori education through open houses and outreach. To organize and participate in community service projects as deemed appropriate and needed within the larger community.
  • To assure the financial stability of the school by developing a specific funding plan that draws on a variety of resources, such as: fundraising (events), a direct donation campaign, planned giving, grants, business and corporate donations, and unrelated business.
  • To keep tuition affordable within the constraints of the funding plan.
  • To build a solid financial reserve to assure the school’s long-term survival.
  • To provide strong support to staff by providing ongoing education and staff development opportunities.
  • To support staff creativity and ongoing work through strong parent participation as directed by the classroom teachers.
  • To develop and implement a scholarship program which will ensure/support our commitment to maintaining the socio-economic diversity of children in our program.
  • To develop and maintain the quality of the physical environment, both indoor and outdoor, assuring that the environment continues to support the mission of the school.
  • To continue to renew the environment, both indoor and outdoor, offering new opportunities for learning and life experiences.
  • To develop and maintain a well-defined board to oversee and support the mission of the school, following AMI guidelines.
  • To recruit an appropriate mix of parent representatives and community members to serve on the board of directors.

That JMS programs assist the child in developing the following skills and characteristics:

  • Healthy self-concept and inner security
  • Self-discipline
  • Increased ability to concentrate
  • A love of learning without the need to compete
  • A sense of order
  • Greater curiosity
  • Creativity and imagination
  • Initiative and persistence
  • The ability to discriminate, judge, and make choices
  • Use of problem-solving skills
  • Recognition of patterns
  • Improved sensory-motor skills and logic
  • Ability to observe the universe with all senses
  • An appreciation of nature
  • Courtesy and respect for others
  • Sense of community and responsibility
  • Decision making skills and independence


services-accreditationAmerican Montessori Internationale:


“The Association Montessori International/USA (AMI/USA) is a national non-profit organization that upholds Dr. Maria Montessori’s original vision. As the Primary Operational Affiliate of the Association Montessori Internationale in the United States, AMI/USA oversees the school recognition and consultation program, conferences and events, the MES FUND, INC. and individual membership opportunities. AMI/USA supports the work of AMI training centers, Montessori parents, teachers, administrators, and schools.”