Montessori Practical Life

Good Morning!

Have you walked into JMS and caught the scent of fresh baked bread, home made granola, or perhaps fruit crisp?  Have you wondered what types of snacks your child eats while here at school?  All of our children from Toddlers to Primary are actively helping prep their snacks, baking bread, setting the table, washing their hands, grinding coffee beans, serving and tea and so much more.

Practical Life:  These exercises have to do with the care of self, care of the environment, movement, and grace and courtesy.  Concentration, coordination, and independence are developed through the provision of a prepared environment offering real and purposeful work to the child.  Young children derive pleasure and satisfaction from the process of the work, and from orderly and clear presentations that show precise movements used to achieve success.  The work is offered to the child, and repetition is encouraged through its open-ended nature. The Practical Life area of the Children’s House helps the child develop a strong foundation for the intellect through promoting concentration and allowing the child the opportunity to practice large and small motor movements to bring the body into harmony with the will, the mind, and intention.  Grace and courtesy lessons offer the child a chance to practice social interaction skills in a non-competitive, non-corrective atmosphere.  The Practical Life area offers the foundation for concentration and intelligence to grow.”

Do not hesitate to incorporate daily life activities at home with your child as they are already helping at school.

Here are two of our favorite recipes to share with you:

Muffins pancakes