Enrollment Procedure

IMG_4169Parents interested in enrolling a child should become acquainted with our program by following these simple enrollment procedures:

Observe in the classroom. This is an opportunity for you to view the classroom to see if this is the kind of environment that you would like for your child.  JMS offers observations on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 9:00 am to 10:00 am. To set up an observation, please call or stop by the office.

Visit with the Executive Director.  Ask any questions you may have about your observation and to hear more about our program.

Complete a wait list application form. You may take the application form with you and return it with the $35 non-refundable application fee. Juneau Montessori School welcomes children of all religious, socio-economic, racial and cultural backgrounds. Admissions are on a space available basis, occurring throughout the year and priority is given to JMS siblings, staff children and enrollment is on an ongoing yearly basis.

Please take into consideration that our school strives to create a partnership with each family to help in the development of their child. Therefore, parents or guardians need to be willing to learn what Montessori is all about in order to be supportive of our program and able to establish the Montessori school – home connection.

Children entering the Toddler Community must be 15 months old and walking independently.

Children entering the Primary program must be toilet trained and at least 3 years of age. Preference will be given to children who are siblings of enrolled or previously enrolled children, and children who have prior Montessori experience.

Children with disabilities or special needs are admitted on an individual basis provided that the Executive Director and the Lead Teacher determine that the child’s disability is of such nature that the school’s program can adequately meet the child’s needs. Furthermore, the Executive Director and the Lead Teacher must also determine that the disability does not pose a threat to the safety of the child, and/or regular operations of the school and its other students.

Juneau Montessori School reserves the right to draw children from the waiting list according to the preferences listed above and as necessary to balance the age and gender ratios of the class.

Application on File — Accepted Into Program.

Your child as been accepted into the JMS Program.  A $200.00 deposit is due and will be applied to Tuition Reserve.  The Executive Director, Lead Teacher and the parent will agree upon enrollment dates.

Complete Registration PacketAll forms included need to be completed thoroughly and brought back to the school a week prior to the starting date. Payment of the first month’s tuition and the balance on the Tuition Reserve is expected at this time. Children must have a current immunization record or approved waiver.

Tuition Reserve is equal to one full month’s tuition and is to be applied to your child’s last month of attendance with the Juneau Montessori School. On or before the first day of attendance, a Tuition Reserve must be paid or a payment contract for Tuition Reserve must be entered.

Parent/Teacher Orientation Conference. The Lead Teacher will give you a call prior to your child’s start date to set up a time for a parent/teacher orientation conference. This will give you, your child, and the Lead an opportunity to meet each other, discuss information about your child and give your child a chance to see the classroom prior to his or her first day of school.